One of the greatest albums of all time in any genre of music. This album changed my life and my whole perspective. Certain songs and lyrics almost brought me to tears. Everything on this album, from the beats to the lyrics, are perfect. I can only pray and hope that my beats and my boy @peso_ggm (Sean Purnell) lyrics can hit you the same way this album hit me and that’s right in your heart and your soul. #GodBless #inspiration #Love
#RIP to one of the greatest actors/comedians to ever step foot on this planet
The Worlds Greatest #Inspiration
#tbt the old squad part 2 #KickGameOnPoint
#tbt the old squad
I said it and I’m a keep saying it. My boy is the best I’ve ever heard and his music is gonna be legendary. Jersey doesn’t have it’s own style… You either a trap/drill rapper, tryna sound west coast or southern and simply just jacking other rappers. This guy is a different story and I’m producing every song that’s why I didn’t drop any new beats. People gonna hate because I’m on it but it’s gonna be the hottest thing out of NJ. EVER. #Jersey #NextUp #Greatness #TheBest #Music
Just another classic sneaker I don’t have anymore because I wore them to the ground 😑 Nike Air Trainer Max 97s. I got these for  my 15th birthday and copped them at the Nike Factory for the low 👌 but at the time I didn’t take care of my kicks and was playing basketball in these and ruined them 😷 #TBT #RIP #SneakerHead #SneakerHeadProblems #Nike #Classic